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We support Kiva.

For this blog post, I thought I’d take a moment and speak about charity involvement. I realize that it’s not the most directly musical, or blues-related topic, but I suppose they are tangentially related. I won’t try to connect the two in this post, but I’m sure with a little thought, you can do the legwork.

What is Kiva?

Micro finance… Never heard that? What about microbrew? Of course you’ve heard of microbrew. A small brewery that makes small batches of beer. Easy concept, right? Same with micro finance. Small finances to small companies. Ahhh. Much better. Kiva users make small loans to small businesses.

Why do I endorse Kiva?

I’ve been a business owner in some capacity since I was 20 years old. I know how hard it is to get past financial hurdles. Growing a business requires capital and, for most, that means borrowing capital from someone with the promise of giving more back than was borrowed. Think about this: $25 US dollars, while not considered a lot of money in the US, goes a very long way in a place like, say, Ecuador. A group of people, all lending $25 each, to someone in a poor country does wonders to help that person move forward in business. These people have little to offer a large finance company, because the interest they can repay is minuscule at best. But, for those of use who are disinterested in a large return on our investment, this is a perfect opportunity to help.

Things to know about my involvement with Kiva.

I receive zero compensation for talking about, promoting, or referring people to Kiva. I DO have an invitation code that people can use which gives me one amazing benefit… satisfaction. People who use my referral code show up on a little list that shows me that people have used my referral code and are now lenders on Kiva. I get to indulge in other peoples’ generosity. So, take this opportunity to learn more about Kiva. Use my invitation code, or don’t. But, get involved. It’s inexpensive, easy and will do worlds of good for many others.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about a country pop album I had been asked to play on. Well, they got it all wrapped up and it's on iTunes! I was thrilled to hear the finished product and proud to have been involved. If you follow the iTunes link below, it will take you to the album page and you can hear some snippets (or, ehem, buy a copy). My absolute favorites are "City Lights" and "Made Up Minds", but I recommend the whole record. PLUS, you get to hear 'yours truly' playing some sweet guitar, and a little mandolin, too!

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